Her Hustle© is a lifestyle transformation brand  that gives women of color the tools to transform their lives- mind, body, and bag.


Founded by Dr. Makeba C. Butler, Her Hustle was birthed from her journey and personal experience of overcoming a 25+ year chronic illness, failed marriage and divorce, failed engagement, multiple failed businesses, and a myriad of life lessons that she used to create the personal and professional life of her dreams.


Her mantra is: "If you don't fail, then you can't learn. Life's transformation erects through the beauty of your ashes".


Her Hustle© oversees the following brands and services:

  • Purpose Over Popularity©- P2SH 12-Week Mentoring and Coaching Intensive
  • Dr. Makeba Cortua- Small Business Strategist, Lifestyle Transformation Coach & Digital Product Creator


Are you ready to empower yourself and start the coaching business of your dreams? Schedule your free 45-minute discovery call with Dr. Makeba and her team now and learn everything you need to launch your signature coaching program in 12 weeks.

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