• Three Ways To Increase the Connection with your Audience

    It’s no surprise that as a creative business owner, your number one objective is to attract customers so they can experience your greatness and you can do what you do best.


    In the online space however, there isn’t the luxury of in-person relationship-building like the typical brick and mortar business has the benefit of, you instead, have to be able to successfully communicate and connect with your audience from a distance using words and psychological savvy.


    I can’t tell you how many times, even in my own business, it has taken to get this down to a science, (and if I’m honest, I still haven’t). I mean after spending loads of time on identifying the best strategy, or trying the latest marketing tactic, or even “video-ing” myself to death, honing on the perfect, most effective communication strategy is few and far between.




    I can share with you a few tips that will no doubt increase the effect your current communication efforts will have on how you connect with your target audience.


    Are you ready to dive in? Cool, let’s go.


    The FIRST way to improve how you communicate with your audience is to ease up on the number of times you use the “I” word (And yes, I is a whole word).

    Here’s what I mean by this- it’s just assumed that your content given to your audience is actually for your audience, meaning they are supposed to get the greatest benefit out of it. So, if this is the case, you can’t always be talking to them, making yourself the center of attention. It really doesn’t resonate at the end of the day. At some point they are going to want to see how any of what you’re saying benefits them and psychologically, using the word I, won’t attract them, it will repel them.


    The SECOND way to improve how you communicate with your audience is to actually identify who the core of your audience is. It goes without saying that in order for you to have an impactful message you need to make sure you have a targeted niche audience who can appreciate the message that you represent. Equally important is realizing that your message will go even farther when you resolve yourself to 1) fully identifying and embracing the type of customer who would best benefit from what you have to offer; 2) realizing that that one person (or customer) is the only person you’re writing content for; and then 3) using language that reflects how that customer speaks and understands, so there is no denying that the message you’re sending is for them.


    The THIRD way to improve how you communicate with your audience is by determining what value looks like to them and then continually offering it. As a coach, digital business owner , or content creator, you may find yourself leaning into your own interpretation of what value looks like. While this holds a lot of weight in the big scheme of things, it holds zero weight with your audience. What is valuable to you is not necessarily valuable to the people you are speaking to. A remedy to this is to make sure that you are paying close attention to what is and isn’t being said by your audience. Once you’re clear on what they’re lacking, you can then reframe that into value added content that connects.


    The FOURTH way to improve how you communicate with your audience is to use your authentic voice as your center. Simply put, your audience will connect and resonate with your voice, not someone else’s. It’s okay to get inspiration from someone you admire, but integrity forces you to make it your own, through authentic execution.This is probably one of the most important elements of the connection and relationship-building process, but because of the saturation of the social media space and the influence that exists, it’s also one of the most overlooked, in my opinion. Find your voice and make it your center- your audience will magnetically appear.


    The FIFTH and final way to improve how you communicate with your audience is to make it a continual practice to build a genuine and meaningful relationship with your audience. Nothing happens without a relationship. Here are three ways that you can build a great relationship with your audience: 1) Ask for their feedback when you post content or make a sale; 2) Build trust by being transparent with experiences that highlight relativity- this allows your audience to see themselves in you, which allows for a stronger connection; and 3) leverage your email list. This is your warm market and the ones who will probably embrace a relationship quicker. Sales come through your email list, so it only makes sense to start there first.



    There you have it! My top 5 ways that can increase communicative connectivity with your audience. Do me a favor and drop me a comment to let me know if this was helpful for you. 

    Always believing in YOUR success,

    Dr. Makeba



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