• Three Mistakes that Great Coaches Never Make

    I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that I always wanted to be a coach. I definitely knew that I’d be a business owner, my childhood gave me that dream. But being a coach of any kind, I wasn’t so sure.

    For the longest I didn’t even know what coaching was. I had never invested in one and wasn’t sure how I would use one, if I did. It wasn’t until I transitioned into the online business, really started positioning myself on social media platforms, reading, and learning about other people’s business journey that I truly began understanding the significance of coaching and how it could benefit my life on both fronts.

    Over time, I worked with a couple business coaches and started coaching women in my expertise and I learned how truly transformational coaching really was. I couldn’t believe that I had slept on this phenomenon for so long.

    Through all of my personal and professional development studies, I noticed trends that couldn’t be ignored when it came to developing a successful position as a professional coach. Obviously this was interesting to me and should be interesting to you if you are wanting to tap into the coaching space successfully. In my quest to become a highly sought after coach, the first thing that I always focus on is identifying ways that I can become better at it.

    And I’m going to assume that if you’re here reading this, you too, want to identify the ways that you can become better at being a phenomenal coach.


    Well, never fear because I’m going to share with you the top three mistakes that you DON’T want to make IF your goal is to be a GREAT coach in your industry.

    Before I share them however, I want you to know that not making these mistakes are intentional because the truth of it is, it’s very easy to make these mistakes if you’re not careful. So, I want you to know that my first request as your “unofficial coach” is that you be intentional about not making these mistakes a part of your business’ journey and professional growth.


    Okay? Do we have an agreement?

    Great :)

    Now, here are the three mistakes that great coaches never make:


    1. Great coaches never make the mistake of allowing the reality of their fears and setbacks to actually hold them back. Here’s what I mean: Fear is real, my friend, and so are setbacks. The worst thing you can do is allow people to make you feel that the fears you personally have and the setbacks you personally experience aren’t real and that they don’t have actual impact on your state of mind- Recognize that and own that. However, once you’ve done that, know that there’s a shift that catapults you into another frame of mind that says, “regardless of the fears I have and the setbacks I’ve experienced, I’m going to use it as motivation to pursue my dream”... and you have to walk in that mindset every single day.

    2. Great coaches never make the mistake of working without a plan. Remember this- dreamers have ideas, doers have plans. Your job is to devise a plan executed through feasible action steps. Great coaches know where they’re going and they know how they’re going to get there. They may know “when or how” in terms of time, but they do know the plan and steps it will take to get them to their objective. Determine whether you are a dreamer or a doer.

    3. Great coaches never make the mistake of moving too fast too soon. Off the heels of the previous mistake, I know how exciting it can be to have a plan and see where you want to go. To actually know that what you have identified as next steps can actually take you somewhere fast. But I want to caution you against moving quickly while building your coaching business, trying to make things happen quickly, can be a recipe for disaster. The beauty and the beast of growing a business is the opportunity you have to “simmer” the periodic successes of your business. To embrace the element of time and to know that timing in business is everything. In due time, your greatness, both personally and professionally, will rise to the occasion. In the meantime, keep learning and growing into the CEO you want to be.

    And these, my friend, are the 3 top mistakes that great coaches never make if they want to become highly sought after in the space of business.

    In response, let me know what you think about these tips. Do they resonate with you? Have you made any of these mistakes in the past? Let me know in the comments below.

    Always believing in YOUR success,

    Dr. Makeba



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